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This Needs To Be On My Page.

My instagram named has been
changed to @markusprime_

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in the morning with ohhipeskypie

photos by Anna Demarco

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Current obsession is a collaboration between Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano called “FLY ART” which they describe as “The best marriage on the internet: hip hop and art”. The pair combines a few of my favourite things: matching lyrics from different hip hop songs with pieces of art, ranging from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, and the result is amazing. Changing the context of the song and the piece introduce a really unexpected perspective, and I can’t get enough. These are a few of standouts (I am clearly drawn to Kanye and Beyoncé lyrics)

From Top: The Starry Night of Sierra Leone; Milkmaid Rollin That Body; Four N****s of the Apocalypse; One Good Venus; Princess Tarakanova In a Swimming Pool (Drank); The Paranoia; Get Lucky on a Summer Evening; Dont Kill Phaedra’s Vibe; H(eaven) Town Vicious; Bound 2 the Kiss

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Prince accepting his Academy Award for best Original Song Score for "Purple Rain", 1985

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Shit I found one yes!

This needs WAY more notes.

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